The ResurFX laser is a non-ablative, fractionated resurfacing laser designed to improve fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, stretch marks, scars, and acne scars. “Fractionated” means that the laser created a pattern of small columns of tissue heating which stimulate new collagen. The fractionated technology used by ResurFX allows for fewer passes over the treatment area, resulting in faster treatment and less discomfort. This contrasts with other fractional technologies, which require more passes to be effective.

The ResurFX laser uses a 1565 nm fiber laser, which targets the water in your skin. By targeting the water in your skin, a controlled thermal injury occurs which results in improved skin tone, evenness, and texture. This helps turn back the pages of aging when used in a series of 2-4 treatments and can also be used periodically as a maintenance treatment to keep your skin looking refreshed.

Following ResurFX treatment, you may experience some redness and swelling that typically lasts 1-2 days. There is no frank peeling or open wound. On occasion, this swelling can last longer than 2 days. In general, you may do most of your normal activities immediately following a treatment, but we do recommend against significant sun exposure in the days immediately before and after treatment.

Not only does the ResurFX require few passes than other non-ablative fractionate technologies, but its scanning technology and contact cooling make for a safer, more pleasant patient experience. The ResurFX scanning technology is non-sequential, meaning that the little “dots” that it heats up are not heated in sequence, one right next to the other. This prevents overheating and is more comfortable. The contact cooling also contributes to patient safety and comfort.

The ResurFx is a non-ablative fractionated resurfacing laser. This means that the little columns of heated skin, known as microthermal zones, do no vaporize. There is no open wound, no oozing, no peeling, and less downtime. It is also safer for darker skin types.

While the CO2 laser can achieve excellent results with a single treatment, non-ablative lasers often achieve the best results with a series of treatment. A consultation in our office will allow us to make an evaluation of your skin and recommend the best treatment package.

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