Using Emface to tighten, tone, and achieve more youthful skin on the face

At Clarity Dermatology in Denver Tech Center, Colorado, our professionals are here to assist with cosmetic and medical dermatology services. With continued advances in medicine and dermatology, we now have more treatments than ever to offer to our patients, both new and current. This includes integrating a treatment known as Emface to enhance one’s appearance.

What is Emface?

Emface is best described as a unique laser facial treatment used to tighten muscles and skin for a nonsurgical facelift without plastic surgery! This particular treatment will tone, tighten, and lift the facial contours without pain, needles, surgery, or recovery and downtime! It utilizes a combination of HIFES technology and synchronized radiofrequency energy to increase the density and quality of the muscular structures resulting in a lifting effect on the facial skin.

Is Emface safe and effective?

The Emface device has been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration for both safety and efficacy. In the early clinical trials, wrinkle reduction occurred by 37%, muscle tone increased by 30%, and the facial lifting effect improved by 22% for patients across the board. The studies show that with routine treatments, patients can turn back the hands of time and delay the signs of aging–which, in turn, can delay the need for plastic surgery procedures such as brow lifts and face lifts. When the Emface treatment is performed and administered by a trained dermatological professional, patients can rest easy knowing their treatment will be successful and noticeable!

Ready to find out if you are a candidate for Emface?

If you are considering your options for tightening and toning the face without surgery, Emface might be right for you! At Clarity Dermatology, we can evaluate you to decide if you are a proper candidate and could benefit from this or other aesthetic treatments available at our facility. We welcome new and current patients to call (720) 686-7546 to request a consultation visit with our team.