Using dermal fillers to restore facial volume

Injectable dermal fillers are used to restore lost volume or enhance specific facial features to improve appearance. Volume loss may result from the natural aging process, genetic predisposition, extreme fitness, or certain illnesses and medications, among other things. Whatever the reason for your volume loss (or perhaps lack of volume in the first place), fillers can be used to provide a natural-appearing improvement in your appearance. At Clarity Dermatology of the Castle Rock, Colorado area and beyond, we strive to achieve noticeable results that do not draw negative attention; this means results that appear natural that enhance you without looking overly “done.” When administered by trained and experienced professionals, you can rest easy that your final outcome will look fabulous!

Areas that dermal fillers can treat

  • Cheeks: loss of bony structure around the eye and cheekbone may lead to sagging in the face and prominent folds around the mouth (nasolabial folds, marionette lines), and even used as a jawline filler.
  • Lips: lip fillers may be used to enhance or restore lip volume and improve the appearance of lines around the mouth.
  • Tear troughs: lost volume around the eyes/eyelids.
  • Temples: lost volume in the temples, which can sometimes create an appearance of tiredness.
  • Hands: volume loss on the backs of the hands can result in prominent veins, bones, and tendons, contributing to an aged appearance.
  • Under-eye filler: dermal fillers can also be used to fill the hollows that may be present underneath the eyes.

Extremely versatile, there are numerous filling agents on the market today. At Clarity Dermatology, we only use FDA-approved fillers that have demonstrated long-term safety and efficacy. The FDA-approved fillers in the United States are generally made from hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, or poly-L-lactic acid. These fillers are approved to improve volume loss and lines in the face and hands lasting for six to 24 months.

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