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We carry medical-grade skin care products which are backed by rigorous scientific research. You may purchase our medical-grade skin care products in the office or on our online store. We want to provide excellent products that actually do something—a return on investment that you (and others) will notice over time. A complete skin care regimen should focus on two fundamental purposes: Prevention and Repair

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Your morning routine should focus on preparing the skin for the day through focused, preventative efforts. In addition to “sun-safe” behaviors such as seeking shade, avoiding the mid-day sun, and wearing protective clothing, a coordinated approach using both sunscreen (which diffuses or minimizes exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays) and antioxidants (which attempt to prevent damage to the skin before it happens) can be a powerful protection against premature photoaging.

– Broad-spectrum sunscreen is the most important thing you can put on your skin to prevent signs of aging and skin cancer. SPF greater than 30 is ideal for daily use.

– Antioxidants may also be applied to the skin to prepare the skin for exposure to the elements—when applied in the morning, antioxidants will be ready to “scoop up” the free oxygen radicals that cause damage to DNA and proteins like collagen and elastin.


Your evening routine should focus on restoring the skin to health. Throughout the day, the skin is exposed to numerous external elements that cause the skin to age.

– Moisturizers focus on repairing and optimizing the skin’s ability to retain water, and thus, be fuller and more healthy appearing. Moisturizers also prime the skin, improving its ability to absorb other nutrients such as vitamin A derivatives, antioxidants, and growth factors.

– Vitamin A derivatives include tretinoin (ie, Retin-A) and retinol, among others, and are often the second most important thing you can apply to your skin. They promote even skin tone, prevent and diminish fine lines/wrinkles, and help prevent acne. Many people find that these products can cause irritation and dryness—however, there are many ways to circumvent this common side effect, and the medical grade products that we carry at Clarity Dermatology are designed to minimize these side effects.

We can help you establish a tolerable regimen that will be effective and healthful for your skin. In addition to vitamin A derivatives, you can enhance your skin’s daily repair process by adding antioxidants, growth factors, or other cosmeceutical products that promote healing and repair of the skin.

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