What is the Alma Hybrid?

Introducing the latest evolution in laser resurfacing, the Alma Hybrid! Clarity Dermatology is excited to be selected as the first practice between Chicago and San Diego to offer new and unique treatment to patients.

The Hybrid combines the benefits of 2 different lasers into one treatment to achieve superior results with less downtime. This is the first and only laser to combine a CO2 ablative laser and a 1570 nm non-ablative laser into a simultaneous treatment. There are other lasers on the market that are “dual-wavelength” lasers, but the Hybrid has the most power and, thus, the greatest versatility of the lasers currently on the market.

What are the Benefits of Laser Resurfacing with the Alma Hybrid?

The Hybrid has several advantages over its predecessors:

  • It is extremely fast. A full-face resurfacing procedure usually takes half the time to perform while actually doing almost twice as much.
  • It is more comfortable for patients. Using the Hybrid’s “paintbrush mode,” the Hybrid spreads out small, individual pulses of the laser over a large area. This is in contrast to other resurfacing lasers, which concentrate laser pulses in one area, causing greater discomfort.
  • Its design reduces potential for complications. The Hybrid naturally “feathers” the treatment area and the non-treatment area, reducing the chance of noticeable lines of pigment difference, as well as scarring.
  • It treats more surface area in a single treatment. Typically, modern resurfacing lasers are “fractionated,” which means they create little columns of heated tissue injury that either vaporize (as in the ablative CO2 laser) or heat (as in the non-ablative 1570 nm laser). This results in new collagen after healing. When a traditional CO2 laser is used the area between the columns of tissue injury are unaffected. However, the Alma Hybrid fills these gaps with the non-ablative laser, resulting in a more complete treatment.

What does the Alma Hybrid laser treat?

The Alma Hybrid is primarily directed at treating wrinkles and improving skin tone, texture, and elasticity. It really shines in improving the lines around the lips (perioral rhytides) and other areas of the face. The Hybrid laser can also help with tan and brown discoloration and unevenness.

The Hybrid can also help with scarring from acne and other injuries/surgeries.

Is there downtime for the procedure?

This procedure does have some downtime, but it is not uncomfortable. The laser creates very small wounds in the skin, which can cause peeling and other similar symptoms. Typically, we advise patients to set aside 3-7 days, depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment and the goals of the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I learn more about the procedure?

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