According to the Colorado Revised Statutes: 25-49-101 through 25-49-105 (Transparency in Health Care Prices Act), physicians are required to disclose to consumers the 15 most common services they provide and the associated charges when payment is made directly by the patients rather than by a third party. Please find below these services, listed by Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes.

The prices listed below are for the standard service for a particular diagnosis and do not include any amount charged for complications or exceptional treatment. The actual charges for a visit are dependent on the circumstances at the time service is rendered and can be discussed with your provider at your appointment.

99202NP OV- level 2$72.86
99203NP OV- level 3$111.97
99204NP OV- level 4$167.48
99212Est. OV- level 2$57.14
99213Est. OV- level 3$91.47
99214Est. OV- level 4$128.88
11103Add’l bx$51.21/each
11104Punch bx$127.68
11105Add’l pu bx$60.61/each
17000Destruction AK$69.00
17003# add’l destruction 2-14$6.84/each
1700415+ destruction$170.65
17110Destruction B9 up to 14$116.72
1711115+ destruction$136.09
11900Intralesional inj up to 7$58.44
11901> 7